Materials & Care Instructions


We have some pieces pieces in 925 sterling silver (rings). All of our chains are 18k Gold Plated over 304 stainless steel. The charms or pendants are 18k gold plated over copper or mixed metals.

You can always check the materials on each product description.


Treat your jewelry with love, you may damage it if you are not careful. Do not sleep with any of our jewelry on. Remember that your jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

For necklaces: be gentle with the chain, please do not bend, do not twist. For rings: take them off before washing your hands. If your ring is 925 sterling silver, do not swim with it, sterling silver darkens with pool chemicals (you can also clean it with toothpaste).

Stainless steel will never rust, but keep in mind that gold plating might fade with time, use and moisture.

To extent the life of your jewelry and its gold plating, keep them dry. The fastest way to darken your jewelry is by contact with moisture and liquids. Please avoid contact with water, lotions, perfume or any chemicals. If your piece get in contact with any of those substances, remove it with drinkable water and a clean it with a soft cloth.

Store them properly, preferably on a clean and dry environment (humidity can darken your treasures). Keep inside drawers, boxes, bags or any container that closes to keep your pieces away from dust. Also store your pieces individually so you can avoid tangling.



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